Assist or take Photos?

While in Costa Rica last week, Carol and I were on a river tour featuring crocodiles, birds, monkeys and other wildlife. I always have my camera at hand for photos or video of interesting subjects.  We passed a local fisherman’s family on the way out. They had two dogs with them. A trip further along the river gave us plenty of interesting views of wild life and lots of photos.  On the way back to port, we passed the area of the fishermen, who were gone. Another tour boat was close by.  As we watched, something was splashing wildly by the boats side. A glance around also showed an alligator heading toward them.  Our boat slowed down and worked closer, the splashing was a dog and about 30 meters away a determined crocodile headed toward it.

A man on the other boat tried unsuccessfully to grab the dog.  The croc now dived for the attack.  We moved closer. I moved to the left side of our boat to assist if possible.  Just then after another try, the man got a hold of the dog and swung it into the boat! Sighs of relief from all us tourists watching!

I looked for my expensive camera, now on the floor of our boat.

Now I know for sure, I will never be one of those video takers that look for ‘gone viral’ video at someone’s expense !!

The dog was more important to me than any video or photo of it under distress.

Guess I would never make a news photographer!  (And have no regrets)

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